Current Online CEU Courses

BHT 1001 : Introduction to Abnormal Psychology

Explore the psychopathology of mental illness from the causes, assessment and diagnostic criteria, and treatment, and gain a conceptualization of the sociological, psychological, and biological understandings of mental illness.

BHT 1002 : Forensic Sociology of Addictions

Investigate why people use illegal substances and the policies around the enforcement of illicit substances through exploring American History and examining social research.

BHT 1003 : Behavioral Crisis Management

Behavioral Crisis Management gives students information regarding crisis prevention, intervention, suicide prevention, and methods for managing challenging behavior in outpatient treatment settings.

BHT 1004 : Introduction to Operations

Introduction to Operations gives students information regarding the operation of an inpatient residential treatment facility. Topics range from services provided in a facility, roles of staff members, types of admission and therapy, and methods of patient management.

CE 1001: Incident Safety Officer

The need for Incident Safety Officers is vital in all Firehouses to ensure the safety of the men and women who risks their lives every day to protect others. This course prepares individuals who are interested in gaining this certification.

CE 1002: Health and Safety Officer

A Health and Safety Officer has the important role of protecting employees from potentially fatal situations. This course helps prepare individuals who are interested in gaining this certification.

CE 1003: Fire Officer I

Becoming an officer is a huge step in a Fire Fighter's career, but it comes with many new responsibilities. This course provides the necessary training individuals will need to advance into a management position in the Fire Industry.

CE 1004: Fire Officer II

Already a certified Fire Officer I? Interested in continuing your training for the potential to serve an even larger managerial role in your Fire House? CSU now offers Fire Officer II completely online which will help you move up the ladder and become the professional you hope to be.

CE 1101: CHST Exam Prep Course

Based on feedback from our students and the safety community, the Continuing Education Department at CSU has developed this training course to help prepare students for the CHST Exam; all completely online.

CE 1102: Industrial Hygiene for Safety Professionals

After completing CE 1102, you will have a better understanding of what Industrial Hygienists do and why they are a valued member of the Environment, Safety, & Health Team.

CE 1103: ASP Prep Course

Based on feedback from our students and the safety community, the Continuing Education Department at CSU has developed this training course to help prepare students for the ASP Exam; all completely online.

CE 1104: CSP Prep Course

The course prepares students for the Certified Safety Professional Exam offered by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. This online course provides students with a comprehensive review of the CSP subject matter.

CE 1201: School Safety and Security

This course covers a cross-section of Dynamic Internal Crisis and Event (DICE) situations that include terrorism, active shooters & mass violence, explosives, hostage and barricade situations, kidnapping, CBRNE events, and other potential internal crises that could occur in a school setting.

CE 1202: Human Trafficking Awareness

This course defines the crime of human trafficking, and provides the student with an awareness of what human trafficking is in the United States.

CE 1203: The United States' Response to Human Trafficking

This course defines in more depth the crime of human trafficking and reviews the United Nations' Anti-Trafficking Protocols and the United States' Trafficking Victims Protections Act of 2000 (TVPA). The role of various federal agencies involved in teh fight against human trafficking will be examined in detail.

CE 1204: Law Enforcement Investigations of Human Trafficking Crimes

This course examines the role and importance of law enforcement in the fight against human trafficking. The resources available to law enforcement to fight human trafficking will be examined.

Community Paramedic Certification Review Course

Columbia Southern University and the IAFCCP are happy to announce our partnership for the development of the Community Paramedic Certification Review Course!

Foundations for Success

Foundations for Success is a course designed to accompany Chantell Cooley’s book, Winning the Game of Life, and the accompanying workbook, Equipped for the Game of Life. Chantell Cooley is Co-founder and Vice President of Columbia Southern University.

Human Trafficking Investigation CEU Certificate

The Continuing Education Department at CSU is excited to partner with Human Trafficking Investigations and Training Institute (HTITI) to offer this new CEU Certificate Program.

NSA Center for Public Safety CEU Courses

The National Sheriffs’ Association Center for Public Safety is dedicated to enhancing jail operations in the United States by providing training, current events and resources.

Through a partnership with Columbia Southern University, the online training is offered to meet requirements for various certifications offered through the NSA Institute for Jail Operations.

Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certificate Program

This program includes training and exam preparation for students to become a Project Management Professional (PMP)® as designated by the Project Management Institute.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate Exam Prep Program

The Six Sigma Professional program is designed for high-performance employees and leaders of business improvement projects.

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