The following are fees typically seen in a student's career. Fees are charged when services are rendered. All fees are non-refundable and subject to change.

Typical Student Fees
Item Fee
Application - Domestic $0
Application - International $0
CSU Online Library Fee (One-Time Fee) $35
DBA Online Library Fee (One-Time Fee) $50
Petition to Graduate $100
Technology Fee  
– Undergraduate (per course) $25
– Graduate (per course) $35
– Doctoral (per 1 credit hour course) $20
– Doctoral (per 3 credit hour course) $60
Additional Student Fees
Item Fee
Priority Evaluation $25
Subsequent Evaluations $35
Change of Program $35
Change of Concentration $25
In-Program Re-Evaluation $25
Bachelor to Associate Degree Request $100
Degree to Certificate Request $50
Replacement Diploma/Certificate $25
CSU Official Transcript $15
Commencement Ceremony (includes 4 guests) $145
Additional Guests – Fee Per Person $25
Term Late Enrollment $50
Return Check $25
Registration Fee (One-Time Fee) 20%
Proctoring Fees  
Rush/Ancillary Fees  
Shipping & Handling Charges  




  1. Waived for Military using military TA (Tuition Assistance). Back to CSU Online Library Fee
  2. Technology Fee will be applied to each course that a student enrolls into. This fee is non-refundable after the drop period and is waived for all active-duty U.S. service members. Back to Technology Fee
  3. All students who drop/withdraw from a course after the drop date (7 calendar days) will be charged a one-time Registration fee (maximum of $200 per degree program). Back to Registration Fee
  4. Additional fees may apply for students utilizing the standard proctoring option. Back to Proctoring Fees
  5. Additional fees apply for rush services and are sometimes subject to carrier rates. Back to Rush/Ancillary Fees
  6. Shipping & handling charges are non-refundable and subject to change. Back to Shipping & handling charges