CE 1402: Foundational Math for Business

About This Course

This course introduces basic mathematical operations needed to understand and solve problems encountered in business. The course is designed to develop students’ mathematical reasoning in the areas of consumer mathematics, financial management, and business math. Topics include basic number properties and operations, percentages, interest, annuities, loans, financial statements, and statistics.

*This course contains video tutorials*

These programs are not eligible for Federal Student Aid, military tuition assistance, VA funding or Learning Partner discounts.

Additional Course Information

Course Learning Objectives

  • Perform computations with real numbers.
  • Solve problems involving percentages.
  • Evaluate algebraic formulas utilized in business.
  • Calculate the cost and selling price of merchandise.
  • Apply different methods for calculating interest.
  • Calculate annuities.
  • Apply mathematical principles used in finance.
  • Use statistical methods to analyze data.

A certificate of completion with the number of CEUs awarded will be issued upon successfully completing the course. Course must be paid for in full before student is eligible to receive certificate of completion.


  1. Students may request a course extension if the course is not completed within the allotted 10 week time frame. Extension options are available, with associated, non-refundable processing fees. Students who do not complete the course with a 70% or higher within the allotted 10 weeks and do not request a course extension will be removed from the course. Back to duration

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