Doctoral Overview

Columbia Southern University's doctoral degree programs provide students with an in-depth application of theory and research, and the opportunity to master investigative skills and data analysis.

Transfer Credits into Your Doctoral Program

CSU accepts up to 40 transfer credit hours into its doctoral programs. All but dissertation (ABD) students, complete your doctoral degree by transferring your previously earned doctoral academic credits, professional licenses, certificates and training programs into your degree program.

Research Study Requirements

Doctoral students complete didactic coursework in preparation for their research study. As they begin their research study, students move to doctoral candidate stage indicating they have begun their research study. Students complete an applied dissertation to fulfill the requirements of their research study phase. College of Safety and Emergency Services students have the option of completing a capstone project in lieu of the applied dissertation. Oral presentations of the applied dissertation or capstone are held virtually through video conferencing. Degrees are awarded through majority committee approval.

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Resources and Support

  • Doctoral Writing and Research Center

    The Doctoral Writing and Research Center offers doctoral students high-quality services and support during their doctoral journey including research expertise, writing faculty, milestone mapping, journals and more. While doctoral students at both the didactic and research study phase can utilize these services, as students become doctoral candidates and begin their research study, these services become critical.

  • Academic Writing Assistance

    CSU’s doctoral academic writing assistance is available through an email review process or one-on-one tutoring for didactic core courses and the research study. Applied dissertation or capstone manuscript editing is also available.

  • Virtual Residencies

    CSU offers a half day onboarding virtual residency to assist students in the first stages of their doctoral programs which provides an understanding of what is required of them as well as support services, tools and programs available to them throughout their doctoral journey. CSU also holds a full-day journeys virtual residency with multiple faculty, staff and research experts providing invaluable assistance with their respective research study.

  • Pre-Research Study Mentorship Program (PDMP)

    The Pre-Research Study Mentorship Program, led by doctoral faculty takes place during the last half of didactic courses. Students work in small groups with two faculty members prior to becoming a doctoral candidate. This provides students with a head-start on their doctoral studies, often decreasing overall research study time.

  • Research Support

    Faculty research experts provide weekly group sessions and one-on-one quantitative and qualitative research support to all doctoral students. This includes insight into current research and analytical software and statistical analysis strategies.

  • DWRC

    The DWRC, an online depository located in Blackboard, provides resources for doctoral students including templates, instructions, videos, support contact information and more. Students are provided access to these online resources as they are admitted into a doctoral program. The DWRC can be used during both didactic and research study phases.

  • Milestone Mapping

    This tool provides students with the ability to choose the length of time in which they desire to complete their research study and imbed accountability measures along the way.

  • Research Study Chair

    Chair and committee dedicated to guiding students’ journeys through the compilation of the research study. This includes weekly one-on-one meetings, tools and support as they advocate for the student.

  • Peer-Reviewed Journals

    CSU provides students with the opportunity to publish in peer-reviewed scholarly academic journals including the College of Business and Technology’s “Business Management Research & Application (BMRA) Academic Journal” and the College of Safety and Emergency Services’ “Safety & Emergency Services Journal.”

Doctoral Programs

Multiple factors, including prior experience, geography and degree field, affect career outcomes. CSU does not guarantee a job, promotion, salary increase, eligibility for a position, or other career growth. Transferring credits does not guarantee reduced tuition or amount of courses.

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Payment Options for Everyone

On average, CSU’s tuition is less than half the cost of our competitors. Plus, there are many Ways to Save including scholarships, military tuition assistance, Learning Partnerships and more.

Accreditations & Institutional Recognition

Columbia Southern University is recognized for its integrity, rigorous academic material, transparency and high-caliber instruction.

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