Are there any tuition discounts or scholarships for servicemembers, veterans, and family members?

CSU is committed to offering affordable tuition rates to our student body, and this includes our military and veteran population. Tuition costs do not exceed the DoD cap for military members using TA benefits. Military and veteran dependents will receive a 10% tuition discount for the duration of the program. Military spouses may be eligible to apply for the MyCAA scholarship which provides up to $4000 in tuition assistance. Please review scholarship opportunities that may be available through CSU and outside sources on our Scholarships page.

How do I apply for military tuition assistance (TA)?

Each branch of service has defined eligibility requirements for the use of military TA. The best place to start is by visiting your local education center or speaking with an education counselor to determine eligibility. You may also visit our Military page to view information regarding your respective branch of service for tips on how to start this process or contact our Military Support Group.

Am I able to use my TA and veteran’s benefits (VA) together?

In many instances these benefits can be combined to support your educational pursuit, as well as Federal Student Aid. However, there are some stipulations. Please contact our Military Support Group to discuss these opportunities.

Can I combine my military Tuition Assistance or ArmyIgnitEd benefits with Federal Student Aid?

Yes. Federal Student Aid can be combined with TA or ArmyIgnitEd benefits when enrolled in a term learning option.

Will Army prospects need to fill out a CSU application along with the ArmyIgnitEd application?

No, but it is recommended that we receive the CSU application before the soldier makes changes in the ArmyIgnitEd portal.

How are Military Tuition Assistance, ArmyIgnitEd payments, and Federal Student Aid applied to my student account?

Whichever funds arrive to CSU first are applied to your outstanding tuition balance. If your Federal Student Aid arrives first, these funds will be applied to your tuition and any overage will be refunded to you. You are still eligible for the TA if your tuition is paid by your federal student aid. If your TA arrives first, those funds will be applied to your balance and the federal student aid funds will be refunded to you.

I submitted my FAFSA and I keep getting an email asking me to complete the Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) and the Direct Loan Entrance Counseling (EC); I do not want to borrow student loans.

No problem, you can indicate that you do not wish to borrow direct loans on your Estimated Financial Assistance form and when we receive that document we will remove the MPN and EC from your required documents list.

Can I get the Pell Grant for a Master’s or Doctoral level program?

No, the Federal Pell Grant may only be awarded to students completing their first bachelor’s degree.

Where should veterans go to access information about available educational benefits?

Veterans should visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website, which provides information regarding VA services and benefits available.

How do I use my VA education benefits with your university?

In order to begin this process, you will need to check your eligibility and complete an application for education benefits with the VA at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website. Application needs will be different depending on the type of benefit being used, so feel free to contact our Military Support Group for additional assistance with document needs.

Do I need to disclose my VA benefits to the Office of Financial Aid?

No, unlike military tuition assistance and other outside funding sources you will not need to list your VA benefits on the Estimated Financial Assistance form.

Will I receive transfer credit for my military training?

The American Council on Education evaluates military training and experience for academic credit, so it is best to allow a review of this documentation to determine if credit can be gained into your chosen program of study. Transcripts can be retrieved through the Joint Services Transcript System and through the Community College of the Air Force. You may also send copies of professional training certificates for review.

I took courses at several different schools, do I need to provide transcripts for each or can this be taken from my military transcript?

CSU will need to review each individual transcript to accurately determine transfer credit into your chosen program. We also offer a Transcript Request Service that may assist us in gaining domestic transcripts on your behalf.

How will I purchase textbooks?

The cost of textbooks can be a financial burden in higher education. We don’t believe you should foot the bill. CSU offers textbooks at no cost to students as well as e-book optional courses and textbook-free courses. We can also ship textbooks to APO/FPO locations.

Will I be able to take courses while I’m deployed?

CSU understands that deployment and PCS are a reality for military students and the anxiety these events can bring. It’s normally a good idea to avoid taking a course when movement is anticipated, as interrupted internet service can make it difficult to complete course work in a timely manner. Should an unexpected reassignment or temporary duty arise while actively in a course, be sure to contact your professor and academic advisor for assistance.

If I am deployed or currently stationed overseas, will CSU ship my books to an APO address?

Yes. All courses that require textbooks can be shipped to an APO address.

What happens when a soldier’s GPA drops below the requirements?

Tuition Assistance is placed on hold. Students must raise their GPA by taking courses using another payment method in order to be eligible to use the TA again.