BHT 1003: Behavioral Crisis Management

About This Course

This course provides information regarding crisis prevention, intervention, suicide prevention, and methods for managing challenging behaviors in outpatient treatment settings.

Students that complete this course will be able to identify health, safety, and environmental risks in therapeutic environments, explore substance addiction issues, and analyze suicide prevention techniques. Students will also describe the importance of trauma-informed care, explore methods of communication for crises, and identify self-care strategies for behavioral health professionals.


All course materials are included in the course at no additional fee.

Kneisl, C.R., & Trigoboff, E. (2013). Contemporary psychiatric-mental health nursing (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

Additional Course Information

This course is part of a four course certificate program. It can be taken separately or as part of the CEU certificate program. Students will earn continuing education units (CEUs) for each course they complete and will be awarded a certificate of completion that lists the number of CEUs earned for each course. Upon completion of all three courses in this certificate program, students will earn a certificate that shows successful completion of the Behavioral Health Technician CEU certificate.

BHT CEU Certificate Information

Columbia Southern University is proud to offer an educational certificate for professionals in the health care industry who deal primarily with patients suffering from behavioral and mental health issues. This certificate program was created for those currently in the mental health field, those interested in the specialization, and others whose profession require them to work with mentally ill patients.

This CEU certificate program contains four courses, which include:


  1. Students can apply for an extension if the course is not completed within the allotted 10-week time frame. If students do not complete all assignments with a 70% or higher within 10 weeks and do not apply for the extension, they will be removed from the course. Back to duration