BHT 1002 : Forensic Sociology of Addictions

Course Description:

This course provides a forensic analysis of addiction in American society by exploring societal norms, controls, and distortions over the course of American history. Using a scientific approach, social research is examined to explain why people use illegal substances and the policies around enforcement of illicit substances. Legal substances and their abuse will be investigated and distinguished from pill mills to alcoholism, along with the socioeconomics of addiction.

Certificate Overview: This course is part of a four course Behavior Health Technician Certificate program. Upon successful completion, with a 70% or higher, in each of the four courses, students need to complete the Certificate Request Form. A certificate of completion will be issued to the participating individual.

Courses can be taken separately from earning the BHT certificate for CEU credit.

Course Cost: $325


Note: CE courses are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid, Military Tuition Assistance or Learning Partner Discounts.

CEUs Earned Upon Course Completion: 4.0

Course Length: This course is a 10 week, self-paced, open enrollment course.

Course Outcomes:

The primary objective is to stimulate critical thinking and reflection on American drug policies and the affects is has had on society to provide a better understanding of addictions. Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Students will demonstrate critical thinking and apply it to a forensic sociological analysis of illicit substance use and abuse in American society.
  • Students will understand the politics of American society and how it has impacted our society’s growing substance use and abuse problems.
  • Students will be able to describe the social correlations of substance use and abuse.
  • Students will be able to discuss socio-legal control perspectives of substance use and abuse as relating to crime and deterrence.
  • Students will use critical thinking to provide a sociological analysis of solutions for social substance use and abuse problems in the United States.

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