Online CEU Courses - Criminal Justice

CE 1201: School Safety and Security

This course covers a cross-section of Dynamic Internal Crisis and Event (DICE) situations that include terrorism, active shooters & mass violence, explosives, hostage and barricade situations, kidnapping, CBRNE events, and other potential internal crises that could occur in a school setting.

CE 1205: Introduction to Forensic Investigation

Columbia Southern University and the Songer Institute are happy to announce our partnership for the development of this course.

CE 1206: Digital Forensics and the Courtroom

This online course describes the fundamental importance of digital forensics, effective management practices, and legal challenges associated with conducting investigations. Upon completion of this course, students will identify the legal issues related to admission of evidence into the courtroom and classify best practices surrounding certification of the various disciplines and subfields in the forensic sciences.

CE 1207: Crime Scene Management

This online course examines the orchestration and management of crime scene service organizations. Example of covered topics include the need for proper management, unit organization and personnel, investigator safety and protection of evidence against contamination or loss, and the credentialing and certification of crime scene workers.

CE 1208: Medicolegal Death Investigation

This online course explores the role that science plays in the Medicolegal investigation of death. It will discuss both historical and current investigative and administrative legal issues related to death investigation. This course is designed for Medicolegal death investigators, coroners, investigators, or other students or processionals with an interest in death investigation.

CE 1209: Forensic Administration

This course examines the effective administration and management practices of crime scene practitioners and crime laboratory scientists.

Human Trafficking Investigation CEU Certificate

The Continuing Education Department at CSU is excited to partner with Human Trafficking Investigations and Training Institute (HTITI) to offer this new CEU Certificate Program.

NSA Center for Public Safety CEU Courses

The National Sheriffs’ Association Center for Public Safety is dedicated to enhancing jail operations in the United States by providing training, current events and resources.

Through a partnership with Columbia Southern University, the online training is offered to meet requirements for various certifications offered through the NSA Institute for Jail Operations.