Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration degree program prepares students for entry-level leadership roles in health care. Emphasis is placed on building strong communication skills and organizational competence in managing and developing professional standards, procedures, and policies for various institutional healthcare activities. The degree program offers a broad administrative, educational foundation for individuals who are just entering the field as well as those who are currently working in the field.

This program of study offers an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Management concentration.

Upon completion of the program, students should be able to do the following:

  1. Analyze the ethics of professional standards in healthcare organizations.
  2. Evaluate the management of a healthcare organization’s strategic goals.
  3. Assess the impact of leadership styles within the healthcare system.
  4. Apply business principles to the healthcare environment.

Waldorf University, CSU's sister institution, also offers Health Care Management programs. Visit to learn more.

Estimated time of completion of this program is 5 years.

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Curriculum Details

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