Online CEU Courses - Behavioral Health Technician Certificate

Columbia Southern University is proud to offer an educational certificate for professionals in the health care industry who deal primarily with patients suffering from behavioral and mental health issues. This certificate program was created for those currently in the mental health field, those interested in the specialization, and others whose profession require them to work with mentally ill patients.

The Behavioral Health Technician Certificate consists of 4 courses listed below. Courses can be taken separately from earning the BHT certificate for CEU credit.

BHT 1001 : Introduction to Abnormal Psychology

Explore the psychopathology of mental illness from the causes, assessment and diagnostic criteria, and treatment, and gain a conceptualization of the sociological, psychological, and biological understandings of mental illness.

BHT 1002 : Forensic Sociology of Addictions

Investigate why people use illegal substances and the policies around the enforcement of illicit substances through exploring American History and examining social research.

BHT 1003 : Behavioral Crisis Management

Behavioral Crisis Management gives students information regarding crisis prevention, intervention, suicide prevention, and methods for managing challenging behavior in outpatient treatment settings.

BHT 1004 : Introduction to Operations

Introduction to Operations gives students information regarding the operation of an inpatient residential treatment facility. Topics range from services provided in a facility, roles of staff members, types of admission and therapy, and methods of patient management.