Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medical Services Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Administration degree program presents the academic foundations for leadership and administration of EMS organizations. With a curriculum of leadership in EMS systems, EMS planning and development, and risk management practices in EMS, the program of study takes a multi-professional approach to administration of EMS organizations. The program also incorporates legal, political, and regulatory frameworks in EMS settings as well as a study of employee safety and healthy work environments.

Upon completion of the program, students should be able to do the following:

  1. Analyze systems development and operations principles in Emergency Medical Services.
  2. Evaluate personnel management and staffing models in Emergency Medical Services systems.
  3. Implement operating budgets for emergency and non-emergency transport Emergency Medical Services systems.
  4. Summarize legal and regulatory guidelines in Emergency Medical Services systems.

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Estimated time of completion of this program is 5 years.

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