As is the common practice at Institutions of Higher Learning in the United States, acceptance of transfer of credit and degrees earned at all universities including Columbia Southern University are determined by the University or College to which the credits will be transferred.  Any student or potential student desiring to transfer credit or get accepted into a degree program at another school should contact the Registrar at that school to determine if credit or a degree will transfer to that Institution of Higher Learning.

As is also common practice among universities, Columbia Southern University has articulation agreements with other institutions of higher learning. These articulations may provide for the acceptance of credits for transferability. CSU degrees may be accepted by other universities and colleges as entry into other programs.

A listing of graduate level credits and/or programs can be found below.

Articulations Agreements

  • Capella University
  • Florida National University
  • Henley Putnam University
  • Shiloh University
  • Sullivan University
  • United States Sports Academy
  • University of West Alabama
  • Waldorf University
  • Adler University (B.S. Psychology Only)
  • Medaille College (B.S. Psychology Only)
  • University of North Dakota (B.S. Psychology Only)

In addition, MBA alumni are encouraged to continue their studies through CSU’s online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree program. The DBA advances decision-making and leadership skills, provides an in-depth application of theory and research and facilitates methods to solve industry problems. Program components offer opportunities for students to explore investigative skills and perform data analysis. Graduates are prepared to contribute new knowledge to a specific segment of industry.

Those alumni who wish to pursue a residential business doctoral program in the United States are recommended to submit their application for admission to one of the below universities: