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At Columbia Southern University, obtaining your college degree doesn’t mean putting your life on hold. We provide the flexibility you need to enjoy life while pursing your educational dreams at a pace that accommodates your learning style.

The flexibility of the LifePace Learning® option is what makes CSU unique. You can progress through a course in as early as four weeks or extend the course as long as 18 weeks*. With LifePace Learning®, you will have the flexibility to cover course material as rapidly as concepts are mastered or take that extra time needed to fully absorb and understand the assignments. LifePace Learning® is simply education at the pace of your life.

LifePace Learning®

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is LifePace Learning® right for me?

  • check mark icon Do you work well independently with minimum interaction?
  • check mark icon Are you disciplined enough to adhere to your own schedule for course completion?
  • check mark icon Does your busy life require a flexible learning format without predetermined deadlines?
  • check mark icon Do you have an unconventional work schedule or family obligations that will impact your study and coursework?
  • check mark icon Are you not using Federal Student Aid or the GI Bill®?

Let the flexibility that CSU offers be the turning point in your life to achieve the online education that you deserve.

LifePace Learning is not eligible for Federal Student Aid or VA funding.

LifePace Learning is available for all degree programs, excluding the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program. The DBA program is only available through the Term learning option.

*Additional time beyond the normal course length of 10 weeks will require submission of a form and payment of the appropriate fee. For more information and a listing of fees, refer to the Incomplete Course Policy in the Student Handbook.

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