Barnstable County Fire & Rescue Training Academy

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Barnstable County Fire & Rescue Training Academy

Our Mission
To provide current, high quality, safe and realistic fire and rescue training from recruit to the most advanced levels.

Located in Barnstable County on Cape Cod, Massachusetts our primary services are to the core communities of the Cape. The Academy also has enrollees that have ventured from a variety of states around the country as well as from outside the United States.

As technology changes so does the fire service. Barnstable County Fire & Rescue Training Academy continually reviews each program to see that they meet the most recent accepted standards. The staff of this academy strives through continued training, practical experience, and education to be highly professional in their course presentation.

This academy designs and builds training props and scenarios that offer the students the opportunity to experience real life situations that they will have to mitigate. Starting with students just entering the fire and rescue service offering entry-level recruit based courses. In addition to this the academy offers to the motivated students many advanced courses that are mentally and physically demanding requiring a high amount of dedication to the fire and rescue services.

From the green recruit to the seasoned veteran, our students walk away with their experiences here at the Barnstable County Fire & Rescue Training Academy knowing they have been given a solid challenge and succeeded.

The staff here encourages all that pass through these bay doors to continue to challenge themselves throughout their careers. Columbia Southern University has afforded past and present students the means to continue their education in the field with online programs and degrees at the associate, bachelor's and master's degree level.

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