Preparing to Apply

Financial aid applicants are encouraged to file federal income tax returns for applicant, parent and/or spouse, as applicable, prior to completing their 2020-2021 FAFSA. This will allow students and prospective students to use the IRS Data Retrieval Process when completing the FAFSA. This tool will save you time and increase the accuracy of your FAFSA information. The IRS Data Retrieval tool is also the fastest and most secure solution for meeting verification requirements, if applicable.

Programs Not Eligible for Federal Student Aid at CSU

Students must be enrolled in an eligible program at CSU to receive Federal Student Aid (FSA). Programs listed below are not eligible for FSA.

Term Enrollment

Students using Federal Student Aid (FSA) must enroll in Term Enrollment Programs. CSU Term Program courses have set start and end dates coinciding with the academic term calendar. This enrollment option provides a more structured framework that facilitates on-time course completion while allowing the student flexibility throughout the week for assignment completion. Weekly, substantive interaction is required through submission of discussion board postings and other assignment types.  Discussion board assignments are due on Saturday and Tuesday each week. All other weekly assignments are due by Tuesday each week. All assignments are due by midnight Central Standard Time (CST) on the respective day.

For more information about the Term Enrollment System, please visit the University catalog and student handbook.

Attendance Policy

CSU will verify your attendance in each registered course at the end of the first week. The discussion board posting or Unit I Assessment must be submitted to verify attendance. All Unit I assignments are due by the end of week one to receive credit.  Students who choose not to attend the first week will be institutionally dropped from the course.

Dropping or Withdrawing from Courses

Dropping or withdrawing from courses can affect a student’s enrollment status which, in turn, affects eligibility for FSA. If a student’s status drops below half-time as a result of a drop or withdrawal during the term, the student may become ineligible for Federal Student Loans, including funds that may have already been disbursed for the term. For further information, review the Official Course Drop/Withdrawal Policy in the Academic Policies section of the Student Handbook.

Incomplete Course 

Should circumstances prevent regular, on-time course completion, within the term period, students have the option to request an Incomplete or withdraw from the course.
Academic and financial consequences should be noted when withdrawing from a course beyond the first week of the term period.
Students are advised to review the Course Drop/Withdrawal Policy and the Incomplete Course Policy in the Student Handbook ; in addition, academic advisement should be sought.