Participating in student life at CSU can help you have the best online college experience possible. Columbia Southern University’s global reach and online degrees mean that as long as you have a laptop and internet connection, you can pursue an online education anywhere, at your own pace and with minimal disruption to your lifestyle.

CSU makes building relationships and staying connected just that easy, too. Our online student community helps alumni, students and faculty stay engaged through a vast array of networking programs, student organizations, alumni groups and discussion boards.

Stay Connected

Columbia Southern University makes building relationships and staying connected simple. Our online student community helps graduates, students, and faculty stay engaged through a vast array of resources.

Blackboard Social

Through Blackboard Social, students can participate in discussion boards, post questions, create groups, or join an already established group. These networking opportunities help students collaborate with students of similar interests, fostering relationships and peer-to-peer professional alliances.


The CSU LinkedIn group allows you to leverage your job search strategy by connecting with those who are also current CSU students or alumni. Fostering relationships with common backgrounds is a great way to get your foot in the door to a potential job opportunity.

CSU Communicator

The official blog, CSU Communicator, provides enticing articles on industry topics, career development and relevant news for students and alumni.

Clubs & Organizations

Student organizations provide opportunities to interact with other students, alumni, faculty and staff. The benefits of participating in student organizations range from networking to professional development and special access to industry resources. The opportunities can be limitless.