The purpose of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is to acquaint students seeking careers in management, human resource management or labor relations with current issues and trends in these fields.

Benefits to joining:

  • Access to regularly scheduled meetings to help members learn more about the field and expand their knowledge
  • Specialized Career Services presentations and assistance
  • Networking through in-person social events
  • Social networking opportunities with other members via Facebook

Our mission: To provide CSU students with an interest in Human Resources with co-curricular and networking experiences with professionals and CSU alumni to help prepare them for careers in Human Resources.

To offer all CSU students professional development preparation for the job search process in their chosen careers.

For additional resources, the SHRM Student Membership is available to you at a discounted rate of only $49 per year and up to one year after you graduate.

For more information about the CSU SHRM Chapter, please contact or join the CSU SHRM Facebook group.

Join the CSU SHRM Chapter