CE 1003: Fire Officer I

Becoming an officer is a huge step in a Fire Fighter's career, but it comes with many new responsibilities. One must be ready to accept certain challenges that go with the title. Once an officer, you are then responsible for not only yourself, but also for those around you. This course provides the necessary training to advance into a management position in the Fire Industry.

Course Description: Columbia Southern University has partnered with the Alabama Fire College (AFC) to offer the NFPA 1021: Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications, Fire Officer I training and certification exam completely online. CE 1003, Fire Officer I, is offered as a continuing education course and may lead to IFSAC* and ProBoard certification through the Alabama Fire College. Upon successful completion of CE 1003, students are eligible to sit for the certification exam provided by the Alabama Fire College and Personnel Standards Commission.

It is a requirement to complete each of the assignments in the CE 1003 continuing education course with a minimum score of 70 percent in order to be eligible to complete the Fire Officer I certification exam. To pass the certification examiniation, an overall score of 70 percent is required.  Re-tests may be taken after 30 days and within 12 months of the date of course completion.

Course Textbook: International Fire Service Training Association. (2014). Fire and emergency services company officer (5th ed.). Stillwater, OK: Fire Protection Publications.
All course materials are included in the course at no additional fee.

Course Cost: $325

CEUs Earned Upon Course Completion: 4.2

Course Length: This course is a 10 week, self-paced, open enrollment course. Once students complete the course with a 70 percent or higher within the 10-week period, they will receive a certificate of completion that list the 4.2 CEUs earned. Course must be paid for in full before student is eligible to receive certificate of completion.

Students can apply for an extension if the course is not completed within the allotted 10-week time frame. If students do not complete all assignments with a 70 percent or higher within 10 weeks, they will be removed from the course if an extension is not applied for.

Prerequisites to take course: IFSAC or ProBoard Certified Fire Fighter II; IFSAC or ProBoard Fire Instructor I

Prerequisites to take Certification Exam: IFSAC or ProBoard Certified Firefighter II and Certified Fire Instructor I and successful completion of all project in CE 1003, Fire Officer I, with an earned grade of 70 percent or better.

Course Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Describe the importance, roles, responsibilities, and duties of a company officer.
  2. Describe the organizational structure of a variety of fire and emergency services.
  3. Discuss concepts of leadership and supervision.
  4. Demonstrate how human resources management applies to the Company Officer I.
  5. Discuss the importance of listening skills and interpersonal, written, oral, and emergency scene communications.
  6. Summarize administrative functions related to the duties of a company officer.
  7. Explain the importance of health and safety issues including risk management; workplace safety; and health, wellness, and safety programs.
  8. Explain the purpose and goals of company-level training.
  9. Describe the company officer’s role in community relations and company-level fire inspections.
  10. Explain the process of performing preincident surveys and developing preincident plans.
  11. Explain the responsibilities of the Company Officer I during emergency scene operations.

Step by Step to Certification:

  1. Ensure that all prerequisites for the course have been met.
  2. Register for the CE 1003, Fire Officer I continuing education course.
  3. Complete all of the skills (projects in CE 1003, Fire Officer I) with an overall score of 70 percent or higher.
  4. Upon successful completion of the CE 1003, Fire Officer I continuing education course, the CEUs earned can be evaluated to possibly become transfer credit into a degree program as three hours of lower level elective credit.
  5. Upon successful completion of the CE 1003, Fire Officer I continuing education course, students may elect to attempt the Fire Officer I certification exam administered by Alabama Fire College.
  6. Register for the Fire Officer I certification exam.
    1. Certification Exam Cost: $95.00 (Course fee does not include certification exam.)
    2. Download the Fire Officer I application for certification, complete it, and submit to CSU at continuinged@columbiasouthern.edu for processing.
  7. Designate an AFC approved proctor.
  8. Attempt the Fire Officer I certification exam. The certification exam will be administered by Alabama Fire College after successful completion of the course.
  9. Upon successfully passing the Fire Officer I certification exam, Alabama Fire College will issue the official certificate to the student.*
*Please note that an IFSAC certification cannot be granted to a student from another state, or who is a participating IFSAC member, without prior approval of the Executive Director of that state’s academy.

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