CE 1207: Crime Scene Management

CE 1207: Crime Scene Management

Course Description:
This online course examines the orchestration and management of crime scene service organizations. Example of covered topics include the need for proper management, unit organization and personnel, investigator safety and protection of evidence against contamination or loss, and the credentialing and certification of crime scene workers.

Course Learning Objectives:

  1. Demonstrate the need for proper management of forensic science services.
  2. Acquire skills to plan for safe work environments and protection of evidence at crime scenes.
  3. Evaluate crime scene workers and expert witnesses through credentialing training and standards.
  4. Assess crime scene procedures and protocols leading towards quality practices.
  5. Plan proper procedures for managing and retaining evidence and investigative documents and reports.
Course Textbook: Crime Scene Unit Management: A path forward. Wallace, Jr., E.W., Cunningham, M.J. & Boggiano, D. (2016). NY: Routledge.
All course materials are included in the course at no additional fee.

Course Cost: $325.00
Note: CE courses are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid, Military Tuition Assistance or Learning Partner Discounts.

CEUs Earned Upon Course Completion: 7.5

Course Length: This course is 10 weeks, self-pace, and open enrollment.

A certificate of completion with the number of CEUs awarded will be issued upon successfully completing the course. Course must be paid for in full before student is eligible to receive certificate of completion.

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