CE 1206: Digital Forensics and the Courtroom

CE 1206: Digital Forensics and the Courtroom

Course Description:
This online course describes the fundamental importance of digital forensics, effective management practices, and legal challenges associated with conducting investigations. Upon completion of this course, students will identify the legal issues related to admission of evidence into the courtroom and classify best practices surrounding certification of the various disciplines and subfields in the forensic sciences.

Course Learning Objectives:
1.    Identify methods for the acquisition and analysis of devices in digital forensics investigations.
2.    Interpret trends in the evolution of digital forensics from conceptualization to present day.
3.    Interpret limits of forensic data collection including what can and cannot be retrieved from various operating systems in digital forensic investigations.
4.    Identify legal considerations and proper practices in digital forensics.
5.    Relate federal law to courtroom presentation and testimony for the digital expert.
Course Textbook:  NO TEXTBOOK. This is an Integrated Learning Resource (ILR) course.

Course Cost: $325.00
Note: CE courses are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid, Military Tuition Assistance or Learning Partner Discounts.

CEUs Earned Upon Course Completion: 3.2

Course Length: This course is 10 weeks, self-pace, and open enrollment.

A certificate of completion with the number of CEUs awarded will be issued upon successfully completing the course. Course must be paid for in full before student is eligible to receive certificate of completion.

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