Students must comply with the following criteria to participate in the CSU Commencement Ceremony:

  • Students must have submitted a petition to graduate and have received audit results.
  • Students must have completed all graduation requirements or have submitted their enrollment registrations for any remaining course(s) required for program completion at the time of commencement registration.
  • Students who participate in the commencement ceremony and have not completed all of their graduation requirements by the Commencement Ceremony Registration deadline are not eligible to be designated as graduating with honors.

Graduates must submit a $145 ceremony fee along with the commencement registration form to participate.  Friends and family are welcome to attend the commencement ceremony, and each graduate can request up to four (4) tickets at no additional cost.  Additional tickets can be purchased for $25 each. The graduate should not be included in the guest count and will not need a ticket.  Additionally, small children that will be sitting in the lap of an adult and not seated in their own chair do not require a ticket.  Please note that as you fill out the registration form, you must request all guest tickets. This ensures we have an accurate head count and can allow as many graduates to participate as possible.