Columbia Southern University's medical billing and coding certificate program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of medical billing and coding standards. The program emphasizes skills related to medical documentation, reimbursement processes and various code sets. The goal of the curriculum is to prepare graduates for processing electronic insurance claims; understanding diagnoses, services, and procedures; demonstrating knowledge of relevant coding practices; and understanding HIPAA regulations. Students may also be prepared for thorough reviews and accurate analyses of patient health records. Since students can earn this medical billing and coding certificate online, the course is available to virtually any learner.

Undergraduate Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding

Provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to translate medical record documentation into coded procedures, services, and diagnoses for reimbursement. Students who complete this program are prepared to make a difference in the medical billing and coding field by implementing best practices related to anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, CPT-4, ICD-10-CM, HCPCS code sets and reimbursement methodologies.