Chapter 30 and "Top-up"

Individuals on active duty who are eligible for Chapters 30 (MGIB) and approved for TA are eligible for Top-up.

What is Top-up?

Top-up allows VA to pay the difference between what TA pays and the cost of the course. The law prohibits active duty students from receiving regular Chapter 30 benefits and TA for the same course; however, VA students, to include National Guardsmen and Reservists who earned Chapter 30 benefits while on Active duty, in receipt of TA may receive the Chapter 30 Top-up benefit.

Detailed information about Tuition Assistance Top-up and about applying for Top-up is available on the GI Bill® website.

NOTE: Normal certification procedures should be followed for courses for which a National Guard or Reserve service member will receive TA under Chapter 30 if they are in M-Day status and not AGR status. Top-up only applies to individuals on active duty.