Members of the Select Reserves are eligible for tuition assistance (TA) through their respective branches.

Army Reserves (USAR)

You can apply for TA by visiting ArmyIgnitEd. If approved, USAR offers TA for 100 percent of tuition and fees up to:

  • $250 per semester credit hour
  • $4,500 per fiscal year
  • 16 semester hours per fiscal year

For assistance applying to CSU through the ArmyIgnitEd Portal, please contact or call (888) 394-5738.

Eligibility for USAR TA:

  • Soldiers must be a drilling Reservist in good standing
  • Solders must declare an educational goal leading to credentials higher than current level attained
  • Soldiers must complete courses prior to separation from USAR
  • Officers must complete four years of service after completion of the last course provided by TA
  • Soldiers must enroll for the independent study course following Army Reserve procedures.
  • Soldiers will be eligible for Army Tuition Assistance (ATA) upon successfully completing one year of military service following graduation from Advanced Individual Training.
  • Soldiers can use ATA for a second, higher-level degree (post bachelor's) once they have ten years of service, if any portion of the undergraduate degree was funded with ATA.  There is no ten year requirement if ATA did not fund any portion of your undergraduate work.
  • Soldiers can utilize ATA to cover up to 130 semester hours toward a bachelor's degree and 39 semester hours towards a graduate degree.

Applying for ATA through ArmyIgnitEd:

  • Request ATA through ArmyIgnitED prior to the course start date or the school's late registration period.
  • You must request ATA for each course you take.
  • You will receive notification from ArmyIgnitEd when your request for ATA has been approved or denied. If you request is denied, ArmyIgnitEd will advise you of the next step you should take.
  • All dropped courses or withdrawals must take place through ArmyIgnitEd. If you receive an "F" you will be required to repay your ATA. If you are unable to complete a course due to your military duties, you must ensure that you withdraw from the course through ArmyIgnitEd so that you will not be charged.
  • If you would like to take a course from a school that does not participate in the electronic ArmyIgnitEd course schedule, you must still complete an ATA request. The request will be routed to an Army education counselor/Reserve ESS to be reviewed and approved. You should allow extra time for this process. If your request is approved, you will receive notification via email. You will then need to print the approved ATA request form and provide it to school. You will enroll directly with the school.
  • You must submit a new, signed ATA Statement of Understanding each year (SFC and above may sign for themselves and the commander). Your ATA request will not be authorized until the ATA SOU is approved. You will receive a notice from ArmyIgnitEd 90 days before the due date.

Air Force Reserve (USAFR)

To apply for USAFR TA, contact your education service officer. The USAFR TA offers 100 percent TA for undergraduate degree programs and 75% for graduate studies up to the set cap of:

  • $250 per semester credit hour (CSU's semester credit hour rate is $200.00 for undergraduate and $250.00 for graduate)
  • $4500 per fiscal year

For assistance applying to CSU through the Air Force Portal, please contact or call (888) 394-5738.

An airman must be actively participating (for pay and points) and be in good standing (does not have a UIF, not placed on a control roster, not pending or issued an Article 15, and/or not pending court martial) from the time the airman applies for and completes the course(s).

Tuition assistance is only available for courses leading to a degree at a level not already held by the airman or higher. Example: Airmen who already possess a bachelor's cannot apply for an associate or second bachelor's (education levels must be progressive and not equivalent). EXCEPTION: Airmen pursuing an associate degree from Community College of the Air Force in their primary controlled Air Force Specialty Code are authorized tuition assistance regardless of any other degrees held.

Airmen are responsible for paying all costs up-front to attending institution.

Coast Guard Reserve (USCGR)

You can apply for TA by visiting the MyCGEd portal. CGTA may fund courses for eligible participants 100 percent of the amount paid for tuition and fees up to the maximum amount of:

  • $250 per semester credit hour
  • $4500 per fiscal year

It is imperative that you thoroughly read current ACN 105/22 (CAC Enabled) prior to application submission. Degrees at the same or lower level than you already have are now authorized.

Submit your TA application (one course per application) to your Command Approver up to 90 days prior to class start date, no later than 14 days prior to the course start date.

Upload all applicable documents required for TA approval (e.g., degree plan and point statement if SELRES).

U. S. Navy Reserves (USNR)

The USNR currently does not offer Tuition Assistance to Reservists.

Marine Corps Reserve (USMCR)

The USMC currently does not offer Tuition Assistance to Reservists.