General Education Mobile LogoColumbia Southern University (CSU) is proud to partner with the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) to offer online general education courses for Airmen and Guardians who are working to complete their CCAF Associate of Applied Science degree requirements. Through General Education Mobile (GEM) you can earn up to 15 of the general education credits you need to complete your CCAF degree. Choose from the approved course list below. Each course is 9 weeks long. For more information visit the Air Force Virtual Education Center.

Airmen and Guardians interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree may also wish to take advantage of CSU’s partnership with CCAF through the AU-ABC program.

For assistance applying to CSU through the Air Force Portal, please contact or call (800) 977-8449 ex 6521.

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Approved GEM Courses
CCAF Category CSU Courses
Oral Communication COM 1302 Fundamentals of Speech Communication
Written Communication ENG 1301 English Composition I
ENG 1302 English Composition II
Mathematics MAT 1301 Liberal Arts Math
MAT 1302 College Algebra
MAT 1304 Finite Math
MAT 2301 Elementary Statistics
MAT 2302 Pre-Calculus
MAT 2303 Calculus
Social Science POL 1301 Introduction to Political Science
POL 2301 United States Government
PSY 1301 General Psychology
SOC 1301 Introduction to Sociology
HIS 1301 American History I
HIS 1302 American History II
HIS 1303 United States Military History I
HIS 1304 United States Military History II
HIS 1305 Western Civilization I
HIS 1306 Western Civilization II
Humanities ART 1301 Art Appreciation I
ART 1302 Art Appreciation II
HUM 2301 Historic Tour of Italy
LIT 2301 War in Literature
PHI 2302 Contemporary Ethics
PHI 2301 Philosophies of World Religions
PHI 1301 Critical Thinking

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