Columbia Southern University (CSU) is committed to provide students program options that will prepare them to enter the workforce in a discipline of interest. The University regularly reviews academic programs (courses, concentrations, certificates or full degree programs) and considers those which will meet the needs of CSU students and the workforce. As a result of this comprehensive review, decisions sometime result in an improvement or discontinuation of the academic program.

Once a new program or improvements to an existing program has been approved, the New Program Launch Committee (NPLC) shall convene to discuss the communication plan. The NPLC is responsible for the notification to enrolled and prospective students of any plan to modify its programs. Changes to CSU programs will be relayed using approved University communication mediums.

Teach-Out Plan

The purpose of a teach-out plan is to provide eligible students who are enrolled in CSU programs scheduled for discontinuation the opportunity to complete the program before it is no longer available for enrollment registration. When a program is discontinued, a teach-out plan is administered to ensure eligible students receive the information and support services needed to complete the program within the established parameters of the teach-out plan. Eligible students are those who are actively enrolled or registered in the program scheduled for discontinuation. The Office of the Registrar will notify students via email who are actively enrolled or registered in the program and include a reasonable registration schedule that will allow students to complete the program requirements before the program is no longer available for enrollment registration. This notification will include active students who may need to repeat program requirements. Students who are readmitted will be required to choose a different program upon readmission. Students who do not respond to the teach-out notification may be required to change programs once the program is discontinued.