The University regularly performs comprehensive reviews of its academic programs (courses, concentrations, certificates or full degree programs) and considers the current needs of students and industry. As a result, academic leadership may determine improvement or discontinuation of an academic program is necessary.

New programs or improvements to existing programs are approved through the Institutional Decision Procedures, Track II, Academic Affairs Curriculum Improvement Procedures. A subcommittee of the New Program Launch Committee convenes to prepare and discuss the launch and communication plans. The subcommittee ensures the communication plan is carried out. New or changed programs will be relayed using approved University communication mediums.

Teach-Out Plan

A Teach-Out Plan is developed for all discontinued programs to provide eligible, enrolled students with information, support services, and an appropriate schedule for the successful completion of their program. Eligible students are those actively enrolled or registered in the program scheduled for discontinuation.

The Office of the Registrar notifies students via email before the program is no longer available for enrollment registration. This notification will include active students who may need to repeat program requirements. Active students who do not respond to the teach-out notification may be required to change programs once the program is discontinued. Students readmitted to the University are required to choose a different program after the final enrollment registration period of the discontinued program.