Many of our alumni have shown an interest in furthering their careers by applying to the Executive Fire Officer Program through the National Fire Academy. It is with great pride that CSU helps in the success of this journey.

For those interested in the program, please visit the EFOP section of the NFA website. Here you will be able to learn more about the program and the requirements needed to apply.

To request a transcript or evaluation from CSU, please contact

For those who have applied and been accepted, we have been working on developing a program to assist our future leaders by providing guidance and support as you produce your research projects over the next few years. Columbia Southern University wants to ensure the success of our graduates and the future of the American Fire and Emergency Services.

Writing Center Support for EFOP Students

Columbia Southern University's Writing Center is an additional resource for continuing education students who are participating in the Executive Fire Officer Program (EFOP).


  • Consultation with a writing specialist to determine your writing needs
  • Assistance setting goals and deadlines for writing your paper
  • Assistance with grammar, APA style requirements, academic tone and other writing mechanics
  • Assistance and clarification on the organization and formatting of your paper


  • Send your paper to a writing specialist per unit. This will help the specialist return your paper more efficiently, and it will also ensure the sections of the paper flow.
  • Start early. Allow ample time for writing, reviewing and editing.
  • Remember, writing specialists are not here to serve as editors for your paper. They are here to help you with the writing process and provide you with resources to help you successfully complete your project.

The CSU Writing Center is staffed with friendly, highly knowledgeable professionals who are ready to assist you in meeting your goals. Email or call 877-875-0533 to request assistance or inquire about services.