Order of the Sword and Shield: National Honor SocietyThe Honor Society was established in 2010 on the campuses of St. John's University in New York. It inducted its first members in 2011 and has had an induction class every year since then. The founding director, Associate Professor Jeffrey P. Grossmann, serves as the current executive national director, and oversees the primary operations of the society. In an open letter to the industry, Professor Grossmann stated, "together with your support, we will position the Society as the leading resource in academic achievement recognition in the fields of homeland security, intelligence, emergency management, and all protective studies."

The Core Values of the Society are excellenceknowledgeethics, and peace.

Our motto is ex scientia pax which means "out of knowledge comes peace." As an association that represents homeland security, intelligence, and protective security academic disciplines, this has special meaning. With an ultimate goal of peace and safety for all, the protective security profession must utilize knowledge as a primary tool for the accomplishment of this objective. The Society recognizes this commitment and the dedication of those individuals achieving academic and professional excellence.

The following criteria MUST be satisfied at the time of induction:

  1. Completion of ONE HALF (1/2) of the total number of credits required for your overall program, including completion of ONE HALF (1/2) of all credits in the Homeland Security, Intelligence, Emergency Management, or Protective Studies A.S., B.S., Minor, Masters, Doctoral, or Certificate program.

  2. Have achieved an overall 3.25 (undergraduate) or a 3.50 (graduate) cumulative GPA or higher (on a scale of 4.0) for ALL CREDITS, including transfer credits, or be in the top 20% of your class standing.

  3. To obtain an unofficial transcript, please visit your MyCSU portal. You will be required to log in. Once logged in, select the View / Print link near the "My Current Degree Status." A menu will appear. Select "Unoffical Transcript." A new window containing the unofficial transcript will appear.

    *** If you earned your degree from CSU BEFORE 2007, please contact Registrar@ColumbiaSouthern.edu to request a transcript ***

  4. Once qualified, we invite you to apply for student induction. Complete both the Online Application Form and Student Induction Application through the electronic online submission process.

Complete the Online Application Form and upload the requested supporting documents. Once you have submitted your completed application package, you must submit electronic payment (a onetime $50 application fee for lifetime membership) in the Online Shop. When they receive your completed application package and payment, the application review process will begin.  This process usually takes 1-2 weeks for electronic submissions (times may be longer during our busy induction periods). We will notify you when our review is complete. If your school has an official chapter with our Society, you will be inducted into your school. All electronic application submissions must go through our website portal.  An email confirmation will be sent once we receive your documents and payment.  Please note that you will need to upload a completed the Student Induction Application to complete this process.

For additional information or questions regarding the application process, please email the Order of the Sword & Shield home office at Info@SecurityHonorSociety.org.

For additional information or questions regarding the CSU chapter of the Order of the Sword & Shield, please email the chapter coordinator, Dr. Charles Russo, at CSU-SwordandShield@ColumbiaSouthern.edu.