Administration Building

Executive Leadership


Robert Mayes – President

Columbia Southern University’s President and Co-Founder Robert Mayes began his career in the distance education industry alongside his father, Dr. Robert Mayes, with the establishment of CSU in 1993. Since then, CSU has evolved to...
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Chantell Cooley – Senior Vice President

Since 1989, Chantell Cooley has been at the forefront of online education, leveraging her knack for interpersonal communication and positive attitude to encourage adult learners to fulfill their goals through higher education....
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CSU Administration

Tommy Cooley – Vice President & Treasurer

Tommy Cooley began his career in higher education with Columbia Southern University during its inception in 1993. Throughout his tenure with the organization, Tommy has gained more than 24 years of experience in higher education...
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CSU Administration

Ken Styron – Chief Operations Officer

Ken Styron has been with CSU since 2002. As Chief of Staff, he works on behalf of President Mayes to achieve university goals, objectives, and strategies. Mr. Styron works with the Executive Leadership Team to execute the strategic...
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CSU Administration

Dr. Jeffrey Barksdale – Provost and Chief Academic Officer

Jeffrey Barksdale comes to CSU with 29 years of experience as a professor of clinical laboratory sciences and biology and the associate provost for Academic Affairs at Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM). He holds a...
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CSU Administration

Pat Troup – Chief Financial Officer

A Mobile, AL., native, Mr. Troup joined CSU in February 2008 bringing more than 15 years of experience in the areas of accounting, information technology and supply chain management. He currently oversees the Departments of...
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CSU Administration

Eric McHaney – Chief Marketing Officer

Eric McHaney serves as Chief Marketing Officer for Columbia Southern University. In this role, he oversees a division that includes Marketing, Corporate Outreach and Community & Alumni Relations.

As an executive with...
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CSU Administration

Institutional Leadership

CSU Administration

Sue Butts – Vice President, Human Resources

Sue Butts joined the Human Resources Department of CSU in January 2008. During her time at CSU, Sue has served in multiple roles and contributed to many areas within the Human Resource...
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CSU Administration

Rick Cooper – Vice President, Business Development and Military Initiatives

Rick Cooper serves as the vice president of Business Development & Military Initiatives at CSU. He earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration at CSU in 2002. He...
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CSU Administration

Chelsea Hoffman – Associate Vice President of Admissions

Chelsea Hoffman serves as the associate vice president of admissions, division of operations at Columbia Southern University. After completing her bachelor’s degree in...
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CSU Administration

Scott Oswald – Vice President, Information Technology

Scott Oswald serves as Vice President of Information Technology for Columbia Southern Education Group, and in the functional role of Vice President of Information Technology at...
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CSU Administration

Caroline Walters – Associate Vice President of Outreach & Alumni Engagement

Caroline Walters serves as Associate Vice President of Outreach and Alumni Engagement overseeing Corporate Outreach, Corporate Relations, Community Relations, and Student ...
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CSU Administration

Ed Witherington – Associate Vice President Of Business Intelligence

Ed Witherington Jr. joined CSU in April of 2010 and currently serves as the Director of Business Intelligence for Columbia Southern Education Group. Ed brings more than...
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Academic Leadership

CSU Administration

Khalilah Burton – Assistant Provost of Institutional Effectiveness & Accreditation

Khalilah Burton joined CSU in April 2013 as the Director of Curriculum Planning and Outcomes Assessment. Prior to joining CSU she earned Bachelor and Master of Biology degrees...
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CSU Administration

Dr. Elwin Jones – Assistant Provost of the College of Business

Elwin Jones joined CSU in 2008 as an adjunct faculty member and served as Chair of Undergraduate Business, Dean of Faculty Services, the interim dean of the College of Business...
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CSU Administration

Dr. Misti Kill – Assistant Provost of the College of Safety & Emergency Services

Misti Kill joined CSU in 2012 and is the Assistant Provost for the College of Safety & Emergency Services. A graduate from North Dakota State University and Minnesota State University...
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CSU Administration

Dr. Joe Manjone – Assistant Provost of Special Programs

A longtime member of the CSU family, he has served as president of Waldorf University from 2009-2011 and as CSU provost. Manjone holds a bachelor’s degree in math, a master’s...
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CSU Administration

Dr. Scott Rounds – Vice Provost of Student Affairs

Dr. Scott Rounds acts as the Vice Provost of Student Affairs at Columbia Southern University located in Orange Beach, AL. With over 35 years of experience in the Fire Service and...
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