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Military spouse unemployment continues to be a concern, as many households consider dual incomes to be necessary to their family’s financial security. Additionally, being married to an active-duty military service member can mean relocating frequently during your spouse’s deployments. For this reason and others, it can be challenging to find reliable work.

The solution for many military spouses is to pursue remote work or other jobs that can easily move with you. We previously covered some of the best careers for military spouses: digital marketing, financial advising, cybersecurity and information technology, and human resources.

In this article, we explore four additional kinds of job opportunities for military spouses, specifically those available in public service and government agencies. Government jobs can provide stability, flexibility, and the sense of fulfillment shared by many who work in public service.

1. Health Care Administration

Many military bases have health care facilities which require all the typical varieties of health care administration professionals. For example, medical billing and coding specialists ensure that services are accurately coded, claims are submitted, and reimbursements are properly paid. Additionally, medical auditors assess claims for accuracy and monitor compliance.

Many other opportunities exist in health care administration, from emergency managers to financial professionals to pharmacy technicians. And whether you end up with a job on a military base or not, working in health care is one of the fields with the most stability in the country. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Overall employment in health care is projected to grow 13% from 2021 to 2031.
  • About 1.9 million health care jobs are added each year to replace workers leaving the industry.

2. Environmental Management

Government agencies are some of the largest employers for those who work in environmental management and environmental science. For example, the BLS reported that 26% of environmental scientists and specialists worked for state government, 14% for local government, and 7% for federal government. Additionally, the Environmental Protection Agency recently expanded their telework and remote work options.

Working in environmental management typically requires an advanced understanding of the science behind natural and unnatural environmental dangers. The kinds of topics covered in a typical environmental management degree program include:

  • Biology and chemistry.
  • Impact of human activity and environmental change on ecosystems.
  • Waste management.

3. Homeland Security

Working for the Department of Homeland Security is another worthwhile option for military spouses. DHS employees may include law enforcement officers, immigration officials, cybersecurity engineers and more. And some DHS positions are available for remote employees; for example, when accessed in April 2023, the USAJOBS website included DHS job openings with titles such as:

  • Business Operations Specialist.
  • Management and Program Analyst.
  • Supervisory Human Resources Specialist.

4. Psychology and Social Work

Finally, psychology and social work careers can also be worth pursuing for military spouses who are open to working for government agencies. The Department of Defense provides mental health resources for service members and their families, and they need skilled professionals to do so. In April 2023, the USAJOBS website included remote positions with the Department of Veterans Affairs with titles like:

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.
  • Licensed Professional Mental Health Counselor.
  • PTSD Psychologist.
  • Social Work Coordinator.

Psychology is a popular academic field, and although many careers in psychology require graduate degrees, a bachelor’s degree by itself can also be valuable.


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