Is a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology Worth It?

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The short answer is yes. A bachelor’s degree in psychology sets you up for success whether you enter the workforce immediately or continue to graduate school. Continue reading for our complete breakdown.

Psychology is a fascinating science. Students in the field learn about the human brain, delving into how people think, respond to information, and eventually behave. It’s no surprise that psychology is one of the most popular academic majors according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Some careers in psychology require academic degrees at the master’s or doctorate levels, but a bachelor's degree by itself can also be valuable. Many career paths are compatible with a psychology background, and 57% of psychology bachelor’s degree graduates enter the workforce without pursuing a master's or doctorate.

In this article, we explore the value of a bachelor’s degree in psychology, both for professionals who plan to pursue graduate degrees and for those who have a different path in mind.

Bachelor’s in Psychology Jobs

So, what can you do with a bachelor’s degree in psychology without pursuing a graduate degree? A bachelor’s degree will teach you to understand how and why people think as they do, which can be highly beneficial to any career involving social interaction.

For example, if you’re business-minded, you can use your insight into the human mind's workings by analyzing market behavior or consumer trends. Having a job in one of these specialties can set you up for long-term corporate employment, lucrative consulting commissions, or successful entrepreneurship opportunities.

Alternatively, a psychology bachelor’s degree can also align well with careers that are less profit-driven, such as career counseling, social work or teaching.

Verywell Mind published a breakdown of entry-level positions for psychology bachelor’s degree graduates, many of which are high-paying jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for all occupations in May 2019 was $39,810; below is a selection of some of these positions, listed with their median annual wage in May 2019 according to the BLS.

Opportunities for Further Studying

A bachelor's degree in psychology can also be your first step in a longer stay in academia, whether you eventually join the workforce in a psychology-related field or some other industry.

A master's degree can help you find employment in industrial-organizational psychology, for example. During your studies, you may also be able to find work as a clinical psychologist's assistant and make your mark on real cases while earning a reliable income. You may also be able to find work assisting a counselor, therapist or psychology researcher.

At the doctorate level, you'll be able to obtain a license to work as a psychologist. As such, you will be able to assist patients in dealing with matters such as depression, developmental issues, stress, anxiety, abandonment issues and addiction. You'll be able to conduct your own research, for which you may be entitled to funding from either private, non-governmental or medical institutions.

How Psychology Degrees Improve Other Areas of Your Life

The benefits of a psychology bachelor’s degree range far beyond job prospects. Plenty of the subjects you study during your courses will come in handy in your daily life. Psychology majors develop a holistic understanding of human behavior and an aptitude to interpret research.

You'll learn about cognitive, developmental and neural studies. You'll also be immersed into the theories of personality, social and clinical psychology. These studies are likely to improve your:

  • Analytical skills.
  • Application of social psychology concepts to your everyday life.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Flexibility of thought.
  • Understanding of the complexities of socio-cultural differences.

In time, you'll find that these improvements may be beneficial to your relationships and mental well-being, as well as your ability to set life goals and your approach to achieving them. A bachelor's degree in psychology will likely offer you the wisdom of thought that will enrich your mind while allowing you to understand others.


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