May 20, 2019

EMS Week Profile: LeRon Lewis Loves Learning, Teaching EMS

LeRon Lewis, CSU graduate and 15-year EMS professional, truly enjoys his work as an assistant professor at Thomas Nelson Community College in Hampton, Virginia. “I fell in love with the emergency medical service after my first ride-a-long,” he said. “I still very much enjoy EMS, and I love teaching it even more!"

May 20, 2019

Hurricane Preparedness: How Fire Departments Prepare for the Worst

The words “hurricane prep” often bring to mind visions of boarded-up windows, grocery store aisles cleared of bread and milk, and reminders to bring in loose items and head to the nearest shelter. But what about the people who are charged with responding to calls for help and helping manage public safety? What does it take for a fire department to get ready for a major storm?

May 15, 2019

Is a Business Degree a Good Fit for Veterans?

Many veterans find that they have exactly what employers are looking for, from communication skills to time management and more. One area in which veterans can excel after their military careers is business. Why are service members so well-suited to business careers? What makes them the ideal candidates for business degrees like MBAs? Here are just a few of the attributes that create the perfect fit.