5 CSU Scholarships for Online College Students

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Figuring out how to pay for school is one of the most common questions for online college students. Each year at Columbia Southern University, we award scholarships to current and future students as one of our various Ways to Save. With more than a dozen scholarships available, you will likely find one that fits your needs.

You can apply for military or program-specific scholarships like the CSU Fire Scholarship or CSU Safety Scholarship, or you can opt for general scholarships like the five listed below:

1. Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship

Awarded four times annually, the Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship recognizes deserving family members of active-duty military and veterans. Each scholarship awards one military spouse or dependent up to $13,500 in one online degree program.

2. Robert G. Mayes Memorial Scholarship

In commemoration of CSU’s founder, the Robert G. Mayes Memorial Scholarship is awarded to one CSU alumnus who is pursuing their online master’s degree with CSU. The annual $13,500 award is applied for up to three years or until the completion of the online degree program, whichever comes first.

3. Learning Partner Scholarship

Approximately 3,000 companies, associations and organizations across the nation benefit from being a CSU Learning Partner. Benefits include a 10% tuition discount and the opportunity to apply for the Learning Partner Scholarship, a $13,500 scholarship to be applied toward one online degree program.

4. Knight Scholarship

Open to future CSU students, the Knight Scholarship will cover up to $13,500 in one online degree program. This annual scholarship is awarded to one future CSU student.

5. Forever a Hero Scholarship

In appreciation of our their service, CSU’s Forever a Hero Scholarship awards one military veteran annually up to $13,200 toward one online degree program.

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Interested in learning more about scholarships at CSU? To see the entire list or to view eligibility requirements and application deadlines, visit ColumbiaSouthern.edu/Scholarships.

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