Learning Partnerships: What They Are and How They Benefit You

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By Brittany Fillmore
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At CSU, we believe having a strong support system is imperative for our students, especially for adult learners. Having a friend or family member cheer you on goes a long way. Oftentimes, members of your support system also include coworkers, leaders and mentors. These types of connections are invaluable, which is why we want to make it possible to grow them even more.

The CSU Learning Partner program is a simple way for companies, municipalities and other agencies to give their members and employees an educational benefit. Each Learning Partner is able to extend a tuition discount and other benefits to their employees, members and their immediate family members.

The best thing is, this program is available at no cost and can be obtained by signing a Memorandum of Understanding, which lists all benefits offered to the organization, including scholarship opportunities.

Krista Weeks is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in occupational safety and health. She always dreamed of earning her degree but felt she couldn’t make the leap until her children were grown.

“I have worked in the safety field for 30 years and was never able to afford to go to college while raising my four children,” she said. “My employer is a CSU Learning Partner and the online degree program was exactly what I was looking for. My studies have expanded my knowledge in the area of industrial safety and increased the effectiveness of my written communications at work.”

Captain Vincent Harris of the Henry County Fire Department in Georgia received his master’s degree in emergency services management in 2014.

“I have recommended CSU numerous times. Since graduating, I sent in the paperwork to have our organization be a Learning Partner,” he said. “Since then, numerous fellow firefighters have received scholarships or have been able to pay out of pocket to attend CSU.”

The Learning Partnership program is a wonderful benefit to offer employees or members of your organization. Students, alumni or organization leaders may learn more or request information about becoming a Learning Partner.

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