Job Searching? Boost Your LinkedIn Profile With These 6 Quick Tips

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LinkedIn is an excellent avenue to help you position yourself as a professional in your workplace and industry. Here are six quick tips to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile to go from rookie to professional.

1. Use professional photos

Your profile photo is the first visual that users see. Make sure your photos are always up-to-date and, if possible, represent you in your career element. If there isn’t a photo attached to your profile, you may be overlooked or rank at the bottom of a profile search.

2. Write a custom headline

Each LinkedIn profile has a short headline that appears next to your name in search results. You’ll have one by default based on your most recent job title, but write one yourself to get the most you can out of the 120 available characters.

3. Sell yourself in your summary

Make yourself seem desirable to employers through this short bio section. Similar to a cover letter, the summary section is an outlet for you to tell your story, so share your accomplishments and don’t be afraid to show your personality. Also, add keywords and buzzwords in this section so you will be seen in searches.

4. Join groups and organizations

Whether you have volunteered for a certain organization or are part of an honors society, joining these types of pages will help others find you easier on LinkedIn.

5. Reach out to others for recommendations

Building your online reputation is important, so asking colleagues and friends for a recommendation or endorsement is beneficial. If you are experienced in fire safety, add that topic as a skill on your profile and your connections are able to endorse you for that certain skill.

6. It is OK to network with people you don’t know yet

Since LinkedIn is primarily a networking social media platform, reaching out to other users who share a common interest is natural. For example, if you are going through a job change, reaching out to an employee at a company that interests you could benefit you in the end.

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