6 Secrets of the Highly Productive Student

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Studying for hours on end can be daunting. Without the right tools for success, students can easily get frustrated, confused and may even give up. Achieve your goals by using these secrets of highly productive students.

Ask for Help

Stumped on schoolwork? We have a full support team ready to help you with anything you need. Our math specialists can walk you through the toughest of problems and our writing specialists would love to help you review your next paper before submission. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help!

Focus on One Task at a Time

Even the best multi-taskers are only successful at juggling multiple projects for so long. To make sure you get it all done, focus on one item at a time. Finish your discussion board before starting on your paper. Read Chapter 11 before going to bed. Creating these types of rules for yourself keeps you disciplined and focused.

No All-Nighters

To prepare for a big exam, you may feel inclined to stay up all night and study. This habit, though widely practiced, is extremely detrimental to your memory, energy and sleep schedule. Research shows that sleeping actually helps memory retention when students are preparing for a test. So instead of burning the midnight oil before your exams, study in 20-minute intervals throughout the day and then get a full eight hours of sleep before the big test.

Prioritize and Plan

The most productive business leaders in the world understand the importance of time management. In one day, they try to maximize every minute to create the highest amount of productivity. Look at your tasks, prioritize them in order and then plan out how you will spend your day. You will be amazed at how much you can achieve!

Reduce Screen Time

While taking a break from studying is positive for your brain, too much screen time and social media may become a larger distraction. If you are too tempted by the lure of Facebook, use social media blocking apps on your phone to block out the amount of time you want to study and restrict your access to certain apps.

Write It Out

Even though your classes are online, your notes don’t have to be. Take your study session offline and write out your notes. Go outside or settle into a comfy sofa to write them out. Getting into a new space and slowing down to write your notes on paper will help with retention and understanding of the material.

Earning a degree is challenging, but with these tips and tricks, you will be a productive student in no time. Have more questions? Reach out to the support staff at Columbia Southern University for more information.

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