Alumni Stories: Brent Jennings

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By Brittany Fillmore
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For Brent Jennings, choosing to earn his Master of Public Administration from Columbia Southern University was not an immediate decision. After high school, Jennings entered the construction industry, graduating from a top-notch plumbing and pipe fitting apprenticeship.

“I actually had called CSU several times over the years to ask questions and chat. The customer service is genuinely delivered in a way that exemplifies the school's addiction to excellence in every facet,” Brent said. “I was on a roll after graduating with my bachelor's from another school and knew all along that I wanted to work in government, making CSU's program a perfect fit.”

Using the work ethic he learned while working in construction, Brent put forth the effort to earning his masters while working a full-time job and using his spare time to complete coursework.

“CSU allowed me to work my job and fit the outside hours into a rigorous study regimen that allowed me to reach my goal of graduating in one year,” said Brent. “My academic advisor, Stacey Ramsey, was awesome and went way above and beyond to answer my questions and keep the ball rolling without any disruptions or delays.”

Currently, Brent works for the City of Scottsdale, Arizona, as a government tax auditor. He attributes his master’s degree for helping him to have a greater understanding of government processes and structures.

“The program's writing intensive approach allowed me to expand my understanding of the material far beyond mere rote memorization of facts,” he said. “I can now apply my tasks at work with a view of the greater picture of what we are trying to accomplish as a city.”

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