4 Tips for Crushing Your Career While Earning a Degree

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If you’re like most adult learners, you’re busy balancing your priorities to accommodate your schoolwork. Family commitments, volunteer opportunities and an engaging social life are all important, but keeping up with your current job is also essential while earning your degree.

You’re not alone. According to Online College Students 2019, a report published by Learning House, 51% of online undergraduate students and 70% of online graduate students are employed full-time.

Not only will concentrating on your career keep you motivated to finish your degree program, but it will also give you a tangible goal to work toward, like a promotion. While balancing work and school can be overwhelming, here are some tips to help you keep your career thriving.

Stay Present

Try not to think about school while at work. Don’t read your textbook and drift off thinking about your workday tomorrow. Being present in whatever you are doing and giving your full attention to the current task at hand will help you divide your energy equally among these two priorities.

Utilize Career Services

If you run into problems in your professional life, reach out to CSU Career Services for assistance. They can help review your resume, provide interview feedback and help coach you when it comes to difficult conversations with your employers.

Use Your Day-to-Day Experience

Use your discussion boards as a time to ruminate on real-world examples of your industry in action. Read the responses of other experienced professionals and you may discover processes and habits that could be improved upon at your job. You may help others in your courses as well with your own experiences.


Through discussion boards, online social groups and regional networking events, CSU students and alumni are able to brush shoulders with other experienced professionals in their industry. Establish connections or look for future job opportunities by meeting other members of the CSU family.


When students succeed in their classes, they succeed in their personal and professional lives as well. Make sure you have the resources to keep your work-life balance by reaching out to CSU Career Services.

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