A Future in Paramedicine [Webinar]

A blurred scene of two EMTs unloading a gurney from an ambulance at an emergency room entrance.
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The rapidly evolving field of mobile integrated health care, or community paramedicine, has become a hot topic among those in emergency medical services and fire service. The system is meant to address key issues such as the rising fees of ambulance transport, labor shortages in EMS, and health care costs. It is changing the way health care is administered and delivered in many cities.

"A Future in Paramedicine" is a webinar discussion and Q&A session hosted by Jeannie Riner, CSU’s lead faculty for fire, emergency medical services, and CSU graduate Landry Merkison. Merkison is the fire chief and EMA director for Clayton County (Georgia) Fire & Emergency Services.

Riner and Merkison discuss the role of community paramedicine in today’s emergency services environment. Riner leads the webinar in discussing the pros and cons, models, barriers and opportunities in this field. Merkison reviews the efforts of his fire station’s community paramedicine system.