4 Benefits of Spring Cleaning Your Desk Space

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You’ve shed your winter coat, and the thought of spring cleaning is looming in the air. Family time is busy, the kids are back in extracurricular activities and school work is piling up. Don’t let school-related clutter get in the way of your day-to-day life.

Here are four ways to clean your desk and boost your productivity.

1. Straighten Up and Clean Up

One of the most commonly heard tips in spring cleaning is to get rid of items that are unneeded. Removing clutter is an important step of the process. When there are stacks of papers and old sticky notes, it is hard to focus on what work needs to be done. Unleash your inner Marie Kondo and free up your workstation. Your refreshed mind will have an easier time concentrating on important items. < Click to Tweet

2. Use a Filing System

Stacks of papers can sometimes feel unnecessary, but you can’t always throw them away. Don’t leave them in piles on your desk, rather, store them in filing folders in drawers. Having an organized desk is easier to manage than digging through stacks of files.

3. DIY Projects

Is there a project you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest that you want to craft for your study space to feel complete? Maybe it’s a homemade corkboard or photo organizer; this is a way to brighten the area without adding clutter.

4. Donate Unused Items

If there are unused supplies on your desk that you have no use for, donate them to your nearest Boys and Girls Club, church or other local organization.


Clean workspaces can ease the mind while transitioning into a new season. Feel free to share images of your workspace with your fellow Knights on our Facebook page.

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