CSHM Certification Can Boost Employment Appeal for Safety Professionals

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While a safety degree can chart your career in occupational safety and health, adding certifications will boost your resume and your appeal to employers. One of the key certifications for safety professionals is the Certified Safety and Health Manager (CSHM®) designation offered by the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management.*

What is the CSHM Certification?

As a respected, accredited credentialing body, the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management offers various certifications for safety and health professionals. The Certified Safety and Health Manager is a popular certification, and it recognizes safety professionals in a managerial capacity.

This certification demonstrates that a safety professional has at least a specified level of education and experience and has passed the CSHM exam. The exam tests technical knowledge of occupational safety and health and working knowledge of business and financial principles. It assesses understanding of hazard analysis, accident investigation, safety audits, product safety, environmental laws and more.

“Recipients can use that designation from the certification after their name as a demonstration of competence in the field of safety and health management,” explained Dan Corcoran, Columbia Southern University’s academic program director for occupational safety and health and environmental management.

In order to sit for this exam, individuals need at minimum a bachelor’s degree plus five qualifying years of work experience.

An individual can also qualify for the CSHM exam with IHMM’s Associate Safety and Health Manager (ASHM®) designation plus two years of qualifying experience. Graduates from CSU's B.S. in occupational safety and healthM.S. in occupational safety and healthM.S. in emergency services management and B.S. in environmental management all earn the ASHM upon graduation, putting themselves on a fast track toward earning the CSHM.

Importance of Safety Certifications

Whether you’re just starting out as a health and safety officer or you’ve moved up to the manager level, certifications like the CSHM and the Certified Safety Professional can put you in a good position to boost your career. Learn more about how CSU can help you get there.

* The CSHM was previously offered by the Institute for Safety and Health Management (ISHM). In 2019, the ISHM was acquired by the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management.