October 14, 2019

6 Myths About the Forever GI Bill

The Forever GI Bill was signed into law in August 2017, but there are still many misconceptions and misunderstandings about how the bill works, how it helps reduce the cost of college, and who can use the funds. To help clear up some of the confusion, here is the truth about six of the most common myths.

October 11, 2019

How the U.S. Border Patrol Addresses Drug Smuggling, Human Trafficking and Terrorist Travel

In Part 2 of "Addressing Threats to U.S. Borders and Cybersecurity," a webinar hosted by Columbia Southern University, Dr. Tamara Mouras reviewed the mission of the U.S. Border Patrol and how it addresses drug smuggling, human trafficking and terrorist travel. This article is a transcript of Dr. Mouras' portion of that webinar.

October 10, 2019

Online Student Success Stories: Part 2

For more than 25 years, thousands of students have made the decision to invest their time and money by pursuing an education with Columbia Southern University. Here in Part 2 of this series of online degree success stories, we provide links to some of our favorite examples of safety professionals and business leaders who decided to attend CSU.