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Columbia Southern University is one of the nation’s fastest growing online colleges with a vast array of career opportunities available. Positions within the faculty departments, as well as, administrative careers offer employees dynamic work environment and a competitive benefit package. 

Full-time employee benefits include paid holidays, vacation time, accrued personal leave, a positive work environment, discounted tuition, 401K, and medical/dental benefits.

Open your career to a future of possibilities with CSU.

Connecting with Students
Faculty and staff members share a vital connection with our student body. We play a sincere, supportive and motivational role in helping students achieve their educational and career goals.

Positive Work Environment
We encourage an open–door policy between all levels of management, staff and departments to insure strong and progressive relations. Themed days and holiday gatherings are supported as ways to build positive relationships and a sense of community.

Dynamic Support
CSU strives to keep employees motivated via special training sessions and workshops to foster professional growth and fulfillment. CSU also supports on- and off-site training to those seeking to bolster their personal career development.

The CSU Faculty facilitates instruction, including mentoring and monitoring student progress, fostering communication and collaboration, guiding and evaluating student work, and responding to individual student requests. CSU offers an open invitation to submit applications for adjunct faculty positions at any time.

Columbia Southern University is an equal opportunity employer and our annual security report is located here. This report, which is required by federal law, contains policy statements and crime statistics for the university. The report addresses the school's policies, procedures and programs concerning safety and security of our campus community. Approximately three years of statistics are included for certain types of crimes that were reported to have occurred on campus and on public property immediately adjacent to the campus. This report is available online. A paper copy of the report may be requested from the CSU Security Office at (251) 981-3771, ext. 1114.

CSU and Waldorf College are both wholly owned subsidiaries of Columbia Southern Education Group, Inc (CSEG), independent of each other with separate governances and accreditation. Waldorf job opportunities can be viewed by visiting the Waldorf website at


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