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Columbia Southern University’s degree programs in organizational leadership prepare students to address situations that arise in every organization including business ethics, business policy and operations, communications strategies, motivation and morale, organizational behavior, strategic decision-making, and training and development. Students will learn how to navigate change in complex work environments by focusing on emerging leadership theories, knowledge of global events, organizational innovation and more.

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At Columbia Southern University, we truly believe in offering students flexible, affordable online degree programs with exceptional service. By giving our students the tools they need to succeed, we provide them with an opportunity to take charge of their education in a way that no other university offers.

Our professors – many revered experts within their industries – align their curricula with industry best practices and emerging trends, empowering students to graduate with a full understanding of their chosen field within the current marketplace.

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On average, CSU’s tuition is less than half the cost of our competitors. Plus, there are many Ways to Save including scholarships, military tuition assistance, Learning Partnerships and more.

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Daryl Hogan

M.S. Organizational Leadership

My CSU education proved to be invaluable to my professional career and provided a foundation that has allowed me to thrive as a senior enlisted leader in the Air Force. What I learned through my organizational leadership courses has formed the pillars for my service as a first sergeant, which include empathy, accountability, perseverance and excellence. Because of Columbia Southern University and its phenomenal staff, I am a college graduate and the first in my family to obtain a master’s degree.
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Diana Woolf

M.S. Organizational Leadership

Feedback on coursework has been valuable and they respond very quickly. I have not had any issue with a faculty member. The library staff has been very helpful too. I like that CSU is supportive of further the education firefighters, law enforcement and EMS.

Accreditation & Institutional Recognition

Carefully designed and taught by experienced industry experts, CSU's courses have been recognized for their rigorous academic material, high-caliber instruction and commitment to advancing the industries that they serve.

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