Student Fees

Tables of fees typically  seen in a students career.

Fees are charged when services are rendered.
Application - Domestic $0
Application - International $0
CSU Online Library Fee (One-Time Fee) $35
*Waived for Military using military TA (Tuition Assistance)
DBA Online Library Fee (One-Time Fee) $50
Petition to Graduate $100
DBA Dissertation* $1,200
DBA Research Project* $1,200
Additional Fees  
Priority Evaluation $25
Subsequent Evaluations $35
Change of Program $35
Change of Concentration $25
In-Program Re-Evaluation $25
Bachelor to Associate Degree Request $100
Degree to Certificate Request $50
IHMC $25
Replacement Diploma/Certificate $25
CSU Official Transcript $15
Commencement Ceremony (includes 4 guests) $135
Commencement Alumni Reception (graduate plus 1)
Additional Guests
Term Late Enrollment $50
Return Check $25
Proctoring Fees:  
Remote Proctor Now ** $19
Additional fees may apply for students utilizing the standard proctoring option.  
Incomplete Course Fees  
LifePace Learning  
15 day $25
30 day $50
60 day $100
Term and Veterans Advantage  
45 day $50

Fees and shipping & handling charges are non-refundable and subject to change.

* Dissertation Fees are to be paid in increments of $300 upon enrollment into Dissertation Research courses.

** Fee to utilize this service will be made to Software Secure.