Office of Disability Services

Disability Services Information

It is the policy of CSU to provide reasonable accommodation(s) for persons defined as disabled under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and all other local and state requirements dealing with students who have recognized disabilities. For the full Accommodation for Disabilities Policy, please review the ODS Handbook (pdf).

What is Disability Services?

The Office of Disability Services is dedicated to providing equal opportunities for student success through accessible education programs. It is the policy of Columbia Southern University to provide reasonable accommodations to students who qualify. The Office of Disability Services coordinates these services on behalf of Columbia Southern University. Our Disability Services coordinator can be reached at or by phone at 888-785-3005.

How do I request accommodations?

Process of Accommodations

  • Step I: Self-Disclosure. Self-disclosure and requesting accommodation are the first steps in advising Columbia Southern University of your need for an accommodation due to a handicap or disability. Submitting a signed self-disclosure form begins the accommodation process. The “Self-Disclosure” can be accessed by clicking the following link:
  • Step II: Documentation. Columbia Southern University requires documentation dating no more than three years before your course start date, from a certified diagnosing professional. If you have documentation that is less than three years old, please submit it along with your completed Self-Disclosure form to the Disability Services coordinator. Otherwise, please submit to the Disability Services coordinator completed Release of Information/Verification of Disability, Student Disability Information/Verification, and Self-Disclosure forms. The “Release of Information/Verification of Disability” and “Student Disability Information/Verification” forms can be accessed by clicking on the following link:
  • Step III: Accommodation(s) decision. Columbia Southern University is committed to providing equal access to all educational programs, regardless of handicap or disability. Once official documentation has been received, the Disability coordinator will review the documentation and recommended accommodation(s) from the diagnosing professional and review your accommodation requests. The student and the Disability Services coordinator will discuss the requested accommodation(s) and attempt to come to an agreement for a reasonable accommodation(s). Columbia Southern University is committed to providing reasonable accommodations in a prompt, effective manner. Please note: different accommodations may require different amounts of time to arrange.
  • Step IV: Communication. Your course professors will be notified of the agreed upon accommodations and ensure the accommodations are provided. If there is a change in your course professor, you must contact the Disability Services Coordinator immediately. If the Disability Services coordinator is not notified of the change in professor, formal accommodation may not be in place for your course. You must also notify the Disability Services coordinator when new course enrollments are submitted, so the new course professors can be notified of the agreed upon accommodations. Accommodations will not automatically transfer to newly enrolled courses.

So that Columbia Southern University may provide any reasonable accommodation(s) for your handicap or disability, it is recommended that you follow and complete this process at a minimum of five to six weeks in advance of enrollment into a course(s). Students are required to self disclose, request accommodation, and communicate with the Disability Services coordinator. The necessary documentation is required in order to receive disability accommodations. Accommodations are provided only after the accommodation process has been completed. Courses completed at Columbia Southern University before a request for an accommodation will not be considered for re-evaluation.

*VOLUNTARY NATURE OF THIS SYSTEM: Columbia Southern University applicants/students are not required to report disabilities; this is strictly voluntary. However, unless the four-step accommodation process is completed by the applicant/student, Columbia Southern University cannot make accommodations.

Temporary Health Situations

Students who experience temporary health situations such as surgery complications, emergency surgery/hospitalization, or pregnancy complications should review the Incomplete for Special Circumstances policy in the myCSU Student Portal or contact a special circumstances specialist by e-mail at