Online CEU Courses - Fire Science

CE 1001: Incident Safety Officer

The need for Incident Safety Officers is vital in all Firehouses to ensure the safety of the men and women who risks their lives every day to protect others. This course prepares individuals who are interested in gaining this certification.

CE 1002: Health and Safety Officer

A Health and Safety Officer has the important role of protecting employees from potentially fatal situations. This course helps prepare individuals who are interested in gaining this certification.

CE 1003: Fire Officer I

Becoming an officer is a huge step in a Fire Fighters career, but it comes with many new responsibilities. This course provides training individuals will need to advance into a management position in the Fire Industry.

CE 1004: Fire Officer II

Already a certified Fire Officer I? Interested in continuing your training to potentially serve an even larger managerial role in your Fire House? CSU now offers Fire Officer II completely online that will help you move up the ladder and become the professional you hope to be.

CE 1005: Fire Instructor I

Gaining the Fire Instructor Certification allows you to enhance your leadership skills and be able to effectively instruct and deliver lesson plans to help educate and train fire professionals.