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Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety & Health - Fire Science

The Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety and Health degree will provide students with a flexible, relevant and current curriculum that will include opportunities for students to demonstrate a depth and breadth of knowledge in safety and health theory and technology necessary to function at the safety and health professional level in the industry.

CSU’s occupational safety and health degree programs meet the educational requirements mandated by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals for the Associate Safety Professional designation (ASP) and the Certified Safety Professional designation (CSP).

To achieve the objective of this program, the following learning outcomes have been established:

  1. Students will be able to apply safety and health related theory and technology.
  2. Students will be able to analyze workplaces to identify occupational hazards.
  3. Students will be able to formulate solutions to control occupational hazards.
  4. Students will be able to collaborate with others in their respective organizations to minimize occupational hazards.

Waldorf University, CSU's sister institution, also offers Fire Administration programs. Visit www.waldorf.edu to learn more.

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Estimated time of completion of this program is 5 years.

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Curriculum Details

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