Robert Mayes, M.B.A.

Chantell Cooley, B.S.
Senior Vice President

Tommy Cooley, B.S.
Vice President & Treasurer

Jeffrey Barksdale, Ph.D.
Provost and Chief Academic Officer

Ken Styron, M.B.A.
Chief of Staff

Pat Troup, B.S., C.P.A.
Vice President, Business Affairs

Eric McHaney
Vice President, Marketing and Outreach

Sue Butts, S.P.H.R.
Vice President, Human Resources

Rick Cooper
Vice President, Business Development and Military Initiatives

Scott Oswald
Vice President, Information Technology

Alexis Banks, M.B.A.
Director of State Authorization & Licensure

David Barnes
Director of Bookstore Operations

Vicki Barnes, P.H.R.
Director of Community Outreach

Sandy Bellinger
Director of Policies and Administrative Management

Joni Blalock, M.A.
Director of Corporate Relations

Freda Braddock, Ed.D.
Academic Program Director of Behavior Sciences & Orientation

Danielle Burge
Director of Human Resources

Khalilah Burton, M.S.
Assistant Provost of Institutional Effectiveness & Accreditation

Michael Cannon
Director of Military Initiatives

Scott Rounds, DM, EFO, CFO
Vice Provost of Student Affairs

Lillie Cannon, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President of Business Development & Military Outreach

Tammy Comalander, B.B.A.
Director of Financial Aid

Nickie Cooper, A.B.J.
Director of Continuing Education

Dan Corcoran, Ph.D.
Academic Program Director, Occupational Safety & Health; Environmental Management

James Ready, D.B.A.
Interim Academic Program Director of Professional Business

Ron Dennis, B.S., E.F.O.
Director of Training and Professional Development

Pam Dickinson, M.A.
Director of Technical Support

Joyvina Evans, Ph.D
Interim Academic Program Director of Healthcare

Rachel Farris, M.A.

Jason Ford-Green, Ph.D.
Academic Program Director of Math & Sciences

Dayna Fuller
Director of Instructional Design & Technology

Austin Hanes
Director of Student Resolution & Conduct

Jacob Harris
Director of Marketing

Chelsea Hoffman
Associate Vice President of Admissions

Brenda Holland
Director of Student Accounts

Heather Holt
Interim Academic Program Director of Criminal Justice

John Hope, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost for Curriculum Planning and Assessment

Elwin Jones, PH.D.
Assistant Provost of the College of Business

Misti Kill, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost of the College of Safety & Emergency Services

Kim Langham, Ph.D.
Director of Faculty Development, Services & Support

Amanda Manjone, M.Ed.
Director of Student and Alumni Engagement

Joe Manjone, Ed.D.
Assistant Provost of Special Programs

Bethany Marshall, M.A., M.B.A
Director of Academic Advising and Student Support Center

Gregory McClendon, M.B.A.
Director of Outcomes Assessment

Charles Mims
Director of Network Operations

Tanesha Morgan
Interim Academic Program Director of Public Business

Keith Padgett, MS, EFO, CFO
Academic Program Director of Fire

Prebble Ramswell, Ph.D.
Academic Program Director of History & Political Science

Cherea Schellhase
Director of Institutional Research and Assessment

Blain Snyder
Director of Maintenance

Jennifer Steinford
Dean of Library

Craig Taylor

Wendy Troup, M.Ed.
Director of Success Center

Caroline Walters
Associate Vice President of Outreach & Alumni Engagement

Gabriel Warren
Academic Program Director of General Business

Keith Wade, D.B.A.
Interim Academic Program Director of Business Leadership

John Weidert, Ed.D
Assistant Provost of the College of Arts & Sciences

Joe Wilkins, Ph.D.
Governmental Affairs Liaison/Professor of History

John R. Willey, Ph.D.
Academic Program Director of Communications, Literature, & English

Ed Witherington
Director of Business Intelligence